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Letting Go Carry On

Programme Coordinator


1a space, Hong Kong

Letting Go. Carry On: A Capacity Building Initiative is a joint initiative that provides holistic interactive digital experiences and a participatory programme to foster the learning of resilience during the unprecedented era of disorientation and disconnection.

As the first part of the initiative, Letting Go focuses on the introspection of resilience through a virtual exhibition and an online interactive portal, presenting fresh commissioned works by nine emerging local artists. Experimenting with the newly learnt Augmented Reality technology, each work creates an immersive imagined landscape about adversities, acceptance and resolution, which welcomes the public to step in through their personal digital devices. 

Parallel to Letting Go, the other initiative Carry On explores the extroverted processes of resilience through communal events, and the possibilities of utilizing art as a tool to reconnect virtually. Joining the line-up are five other Hong Kong-based artists extensively experienced in art education, who are invited to lead a series of online interactive workshops and collaborative creative exercises for the public, covering moving images, sculptures, body art, drawings and more.  


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