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Per.platform #2 - Last Days of Chiron Retrograde

Assistant Curator


Various locations, Hong Kong

In times of change, people may begin to lose their bearings on the material world and the big environment, looking to seek spiritual nourishment and growth. In astrology, Chiron is the planet of healing. Chiron Retrograde slows down the process of seeing the wounds of one's soul and is an important time to heal and transform these inner wounds. Performance art is an artistic medium expressed through the body, which is the carrier of our own memories and traumas of all kinds. Performance art may allow artists and viewers to materialise and act on their inner doubts: to reconnect, process, transform and cherish them, to put them into a new time and space, a new context, to give them new possibilities, new meaning and new life. Per.Platform #2 - Last Days of Chiron Retrograde was held on 17-19 December, the last days of the five-month Chiron Retrograde in 2021, presenting 11 performance works by 12 artists and collaborating with 4 different venue sponsors. 




Sanmu Chen 

Natasha Cheung

Lai Chun Ling

Ashley Leung

Mandy Ma

Jing Pang 

Tsang Hoi Yu

Milo Tse 

To Yeuk 

Siu Fong Yeung

Yuen Hiu Lam 

Monique Yim


Juliana Chan

Florence Lam

Assistant Curator

Priscilla Lo

Venue support


135 YCS

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