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Spatial Listening

Programme Curator 


Goldsmiths CCA, London

Spatial Listening is a sonic response to Pilvi Takala’s solo exhibition On Discomfort at Goldsmiths CCA and its playful negotiation of invisible social codes of conduct, featuring artist Alex de Little. This one-day series of listening events stems from an ongoing project that seeks to create sonic relationships between individuals and their architectural environments.

De Little’s collective, multi-part experiment invites audiences to participate in sounding and listening as an alternative methodology of knowing, understanding and relating. As a perceptual tool, listening transforms the architectural environment from a visual landscape, rendering it instead as a dynamic time-space whose contours are perpetually modulated by sounds as received by listeners.

Throughout the day, a participatory installation foregrounded these potent sonic modes, capturing real-time speech and movements within the gallery space. An artist-led spatial listening workshop, building from breathwork and bodywork, enacted a series of engagements with the architectural spaces of the CCA. The evening ended with a performance intervention by the artist, further introducing, recycling and layering sound to activate the installation.



Alex De Little


Priscilla Lo

Susana López Orozco

Emilia Radmacher

Supported by

Goldsmiths CCA

Department of Arts, Goldsmiths 

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