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Tour as part of 'Mystic Ecologies' Symposium, New Contemporaries 2022

Guest Student Curator


South London Gallery, London

'Mystic Ecologies' is a one-day symposium that investigates speculative, fantastical and non-human positions on the environment and ecology, and what can be learnt from these perspectives. The event reflects on the impact and visibility of the environmental crisis and how this might improve the potential for co-existence with the non-human.  What can we learn from our botanical, geological and elemental counterparts? How can this knowledge progress our environmentally responsible survival?

As the first session of the symposium comprised of workshops and screening, the tour draws out works from the current show of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2022. It focuses on how the group of emerging artists imagine and respond to ecologies conceptually and materially, through exploring the ritualistic, spiritual, mythological, and fictional. 


Ana Flores Sierra

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