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Pipe Dreams

Programme Curator


Chisenhale Studios, London

Pipe Dreams is a site-responsive programme featuring re-enacted and newly developed interactive installations, performances, and moving images, recalling our visceral connections with animate waterbodies and constituents of living fluids in exploration of belonging, societal normality, and dynamics between different bodies.
The inspiration came from the ‘pipe dream’ of the neighbouring canal – the unrealized business project of the Hertford Union Canal. While laden with deposits and discharges, within and through the canal has seen organisms fermented and liveliness regenerated. In response to the symbiosis between humans and non-humans fostered by this seemingly decaying waterbody, the canal-side patio and the intimate room(s) will evolve and mutate in a series of happenings and installations throughout the three days. Temporality and legacy of time-based mediums are highlighted to mirror how the ephemeral passing of fluids leaves traces.
By connecting the constituents and rhythms of the water to everyday interactions with fluids, this programme seeks to evoke a reflexive exploration of how we submerge, flow, suffocate, breathe, react, and transform in canals, ducts, pipes and vessels, in turbid flux and flow.




Lucy Clout

Lena Hannigan

Siin Lee

Qingqing Liu

Zack Mennell

Laure Vigna

Joana Viveiros 


Stephanie Chung

Priscilla Lo

Supported by

Chisenhale Studios

Department of Arts & Exhibition Hub, Goldsmiths 

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