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Filmic Prescription for the Socially Distanced

Assistant Curator


house by kubrick, Hong Kong

2020 is a year of the unusual, and learning to live with the unusual as a part of the usual. At the occasion of the Unusual Renaissance Festival 2020, Filmic prescription for the socially distanced confronts and detangles our arisen threads of emotions that may be unfamiliar and confusing to us, through the widely shared means of films. The exhibition gathers illustrators, writers and designers to present a 14-day prescription of films, covering productions from local to international, classic to recently released, comedy to tragedy, and family to romance. Corresponding to each selected film of the day is a newly commissioned text by a different local writer which ranges from poetry to short fiction, and a reinterpretative illustration, installation or collected object featuring a team of cross-disciplinary visual creators. Located at the doors of the local cinema Movie Movie, we invite viewers to seek refuge in the temporary realms situated between fiction and reality, and to seek connections to a larger community of collective experiences which films may lead to.



Kazy Chan 

Relly Coquia 

John Ho 

Stella Lam 

Pris Pong 

Isaac Spellman 


Exhibition Design

Kaman Kan 
Ken Li 

Koan Tse


Chio Hiu Tung

Canaan Fong

Fung Hiu Tung 

Louis Ho

Ip Hiu Man 

Kwan Tin Lam

Law Lok Man

Lui WIng Kai

Lut Ming

Jimmy Wong

Jing Wong

Sonia Wong

Yau Tai Tung


Vince Cheung 

Louis Ho

Alice Lee

Assistant Curator

Priscilla Lo

Co-presented by

Renaissance Foundation 


Vinc Design

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